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Becoming a Member

If you join Team Absolute Physiques with your utmost dedication and willingness to learn, RESULTS are what you will walk away with.


Once you apply to join our team and are accepted to become a member, here a few of the things you receive:

  • Custom meal plan
  • Nutrition options by macro group
  • Training tracking program
  • All Training protocol, daily – exercise by exercise, set by set, every single body part
  • Weekly or biweekly coaching sessions (as needed)
  • Competition preparation (advice on heels, suit, jewelry, and more)
  • Registration advice and guidance
  • Judging advice
  • Reverse dieting
  • Posing is provided by the pros – Hope Harper, and Lexus Redmond (at additional cost) – you can use more than one of our coaches if preferred
  • Bottom line – we leave nothing to chance, you should be 100% ready to compete by show time

Competitor Introduction Package

$250 (3 Month Minimum)


We have all interested competitors fill out an application in order to understand your history in fitness and your overall goals in order to guarantee you will join our team with one goal in mind… to win!