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If you join Team Absolute Physiques with your utmost dedication and willingness to learn, RESULTS are what you will walk away with.

Competition Coach | Team Absolute Physiques President | Gym Owner

Dave Strickler

Dave has been involved with fitness since the age of 17.  He has been deeply involved in numerous sports in his lifetime, and was a NPC bodybuilder for seven years. Dave is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno and holds a degree in Finance and Economics. He has several nutrition certifications, as well as personal training.  Dave’s specialty is NPC/IFBB competition training and nutrition.  He has coached numerous competitors at the National level, as well as delivering IFBB pros.  He appears on the Elite Coaches list by Center Podium, an NPC/IFBB promotional organization.  Dave has surrounded himself with fitness industry experts that are coaches for TAP.  Nearly all of the meal plans supplied by TAP are authored by him.  Dave is available for personal training as well.

Lexus Redmond IFBB Pro
Bikini Coach | Posing Expert

Lexus Redmond

Lexus Redmond IFBB Pro graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, with a focus in research on cognitive studies.  She is also a certified Personal trainer, with specialization in bodybuilding, nutrition, weight management & transformation. Lexus has always had a active and competitive lifestyle. She was in competitive dance for 7 years and track for 1 year. Her family introduced the health and fitness lifestyle at a young age. She watched her aunt compete at her first show when she was 11 years old. Lexus immediately knew she wanted to be up there. Her first NPC show was in 2016 at Best of the West. Since then Lexus has competed at 9 amateur and 4 pro shows. She ended her rookie year competing at the 2020 Olympia. Throughout her years of competing Lexus has learned so much. She strives to honor those  who have helped her on and off stage, through her coaching. Lexus has a strong love for health and fitness and hopes to share that love and dedication with anyone who is willing to join.

Trisha Green
Bikini Coach | Posing Expert

Trisha Green

My name is Trisha Green. I have a huge passion for health & fitness, it has always been a huge part of my life. I have gone through my own highs and lows through my own fitness journey and it has only made me want to continue helping others in their own fitness journey as a coach. To me, fitness is so much more than just physical bonus, it’s about having goals for yourself, reaching your fullest potential & enjoying the journey. I have been a personal trainer for 5+ years & started my competing journey soon after in 2015. Now as an IFBB pro, I want to continue to do what I love & inspire others along the way. Team Absolute Physiques is more than a team, we’re a family.



We have all interested competitors fill out an application in order to understand your history in fitness and your overall goals in order to guarantee you will join our team with one goal in mind… to win!