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Training Protocol

About The Training


Our training protocol has worked on countless competitors and has turned many of them into IFBB pros. However, nutrition and training go hand in hand. If one is lacking, your results will be limited. You need to commit yourself to all areas of this transformative journey in order to make it. Our training protocol is created to shape your physique beautifully. We quickly determine what areas of your physique need more work and which areas are more developed.


Our training protocol is unique in the way that it is ever-changing because we never want your body to stagnate. We alternate similar yet different movements every other week in order to engage all parts of your muscle groups and to challenge your strength continuously.

Once you join the team, it will become very clear to you as to what your training and cardio schedule looks like. If you choose to train in person, your form will quickly become pro level and you will learn tips necessary to prevent injury or strains.